Bull Pen Poster 2 - Stage 1The most comprehensive transformation package available

Starting 9th January 2016

Here at Bullpen Fitness we pride ourselves on providing the optimal interventions for each of our members. Providing results to our members is our main focus, unlike other gyms where you are left to you own devices as long as you pay the membership and where the trainers act more as receptionists than coaches.

We focus on providing highly qualified coaching and we constantly monitor the goals and progress of every member. The 12-week challenge is a way for others to experience the power of training with intelligence and focus with the bullpen approach.

Yes, January is known for being the month of physical reinvention, but for more than most this admirable intention fades soon after. We know how to break this system starting with our 12-week challenge. We will provide you with everything you need to know and more on how to kick start your transformation the right way and how to sustain your progress long after.

What to expect?

  • Structured training for highly qualified professionals
  • 24/7 access to resources and Q & A’s with our coaches.
  • Initial Assessment (Welcome Day); 6 week mark assessments; Final 12-week assessment.
  • Great Social atmosphere with a lot of support
  • Results
  • £1000 of prizes to be won


On the 9th of January we will kick the challenge off by inviting you to engage in our social welcome day.

This will consist of –

  • Initial meet and great your fellow challengers and coaches
  • Ice breaking games
  • Goal Setting with your coaches
  • Initial Body Fat % measurements and optional before photos
  • Receive our tailored movement screen to highlight or address any injury potential
  • Nutritional Advice Seminar to guide your diets to achieve your goals for the following 12 weeks
  • Active Mobility and Flexibility Workshop
  • Welcome group work-out

Finishing with some post session food and an opportunity to ask any further questions


We wanted to provide a variety of membership options to suit as many people as possible. The different options are available to choose from here.

If you sign up before January but want to start training at the Bullpen, you will receive 50% off a membership up until the challenge begins. Why wait – get involved!

We have an order coming from renegade with our new BullPen Fitness Logo. 30 men’s T-shirts (12 medium, 12 large, 3 small, 3 extra large) and 30 female vests (size 6-8 x7, size 10-12 x 15, size 12-14 x 6, 14-16 x 2).

The tops are all charcoal and American Apparel, so quality. We also have 30 pairs of men’s shorts (12 medium, 12 large, 3 small, 3 extra large) coming.

Please order by emailing info@bullpenfitness.co.uk

Come and check us out guys!

We are situated just around the corner from Worcester Shrub Hill train station, about a 5 minute walk from town, where City Gym used to be. We are confident that we are one of the best facilities in the area but come and judge for yourself. We have lifting platforms, astro turf, 2.5kg-50kg Dumbells, a fully functioning CrossFit area, Prowlers, sleds, Yoke, kettlebells, male and female changing with lockers and showers, treatment room and a relaxing lounge.

We will be open all day as a gym but we will also be running express, CrossFit, yoga, weightlifting, bodyweight and conditioning classes. Most importantly we have built a friendly, fun, professional and unintimidating community.

COme and give us a try – you won’t be disappointed!