Personal bests at Bullpen Barbell!

Last night was the first session of testing week in Barbell, everyone made a PB on their snatch, and we had 3 front squat PBs! This testing week will allow us to see how the crew have progressed over this long training cycle, and will allow us to introduce some individualisation for each person in the next training cycle, which should mean everyone will make even better improvements! If you want to get involved with barbell send us a message and we’ll get you sorted out!

Busy night last night to kick off testing week at Bullpen Barbell. Keith started the same week as me, so I was able to oversee his development from day 1. He struggled with a lot with overhead flexibility when we started out, but with persistence and consistency in his training he has improved a lot in that area, and last night he hit a PB snatch with 44kg! This is 42 that he made in the build up to the 44. I am excited to see where he goes from here! If you want to improve your technique in the snatch and the C&J, then get yourself down to @bullpenfitness to work on them! Barbell classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5-6:30, send me or @bullpenfitness a message if you have any questions! #weightlifting #training #fitness #crossfit #squat #snatch #clean #jerk #deadlift #strong #power #bullpenbarbell #bullpenfitness #barbell #strength #coaching

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