Weightlifting Week Starting 10/10/16

First off, a massive congratulations to Allie Deeley who put in a great performance of a 61kg snatch and a 74kg clean & jerk for a 135kg, and topped it off with a silver medal in the 58kg category at the British U23s this past weekend! She’s been making some great progress the past few months, and is consistently improving with each competition! Really excited for her future in this sport! If you’re interested in giving weightlifting a go, or want to have a stab at competing, send us a message on facebook!

We also have an Instagram account for Bullpen Weightlifting, give it a follow and stay up to date with all our strong lifters!



Snatch no contact – 70-75%/2reps x 4 sets
Snatch + OHS — 80%/1+1 rep x 5 sets
Back Squat – 1RM, then -15%/2 reps x 3 sets
Hanging Leg Raises + Snatch Press – 10 reps + 5 reps x 4 sets


BTN Split Jerk – 80-85%/1 rep x 4 sets
Clean + Jerk – 75%/1+2 reps x 4 sets
Romanian Deadlift – ~90% of clean/6 reps x 4 sets
Swiss Ball Deadbugs + Jump Squats – 20 reps + 5 reps x 4 sets


Snatch – 70-75%/2 reps x 4 sets
Clean & Jerk – 80%/1 reps x 4 sets
Front Squat – 80%/3 reps x 4 sets
Side Plank + DB Incline Bench row – 30s each side (weighted if possible) + 8 reps x 4 sets

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